NSS Magazine Captures the Fashion and Style of Naples

Author: Abe
September 10, 2012

NSS Magazine (formerly known as Naplestreetstyle.com) is more than a fashion blog.  It’s a website with a mission to reinvent the popular conception of Naples.  Since the early 20th century, the Italian city has been widely perceived as a crime-ridden haven of corruption and mafia activity.  But co-founder Vincenzo Schioppa, who attended the University of Federico II in Naples and now works as the marketing director of Italian womenswear label Roberta Biagi, decided it was time to give Naple’s public image a facelift.

“Naples is a constantly evolving scene,” Schioppa explained in a January 2010 interview with Lookbooks, just prior to the website going live.  “We want to capture Naples being influenced by fashion and how the city expresses itself through the people who dress in cool and interesting ways.  I want to showcase something different from what was seen a few years ago on TV all over the world about Naples’ social plight like The Camorra Wars and corruption problems.  I want to give Naples a different face via its young people.”

NSS Magazine - screencap of the Italian fashion rag

The NSS Magazine website, which was designed by Schioppa and realized by co-founder and webmaster Simon Laudati, features articles on the cutting edge innovations of fashion, art, design, and music in Naples.  The “CoolHunting” section displays candid photographs taken on the streets of Naples, while “YourStyle” gives users the opportunity to upload photos of themselves and solicit comments from NSS Magazine’s knowledgeable (but frequently unforgiving) fanbase.  The “NSS.tv” section features interviews ranging from mainstream fashionistas to underground artists.  And, of course, up-to-the-minute fashion reviews.

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