Jessica Simpson Joins Ranks Of The Naked & Pregnant

Author: Abe
March 8, 2012

Jessica Simpson is appearing on the cover of Elle magazine, pregnant and naked:

This is so common at this point, it’s become something of a cliche’.

Time was when this sort of a cover photo was considered controversial, or at least shocking. Wasn’t Demi Moore the first actress to really do this? Yes, on Vanity Fair in 1991.

Since then, quite a number of celebs have posed similarly for magazine covers.

The motif has become so familiar that it has lost some of the shock value it originally had.

But, nude celebs on magazine covers continues to be an attention-getter, and art directors within the industry consider the strategy to be a sure-fire method for bumping up magazine sales.

But, is it in the case of pregnant nudes? There’s something about pregnancy that almost seems to discount the sexuality or shock value of nudity.

I’d be interested in seeing the sales figures associated with a pregnant nude celeb cover, compared to a clothed celeb cover — I suspect that it has little direct impact upon revenues.

However, it does get a lot of press attention, which might then translate into increased circulation figures. It amounts to free advertising for the magazine itself — so, it may be a very savvy tactic indeed.

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