How To Unsubscribe From Magazines

Author: Abe
March 9, 2012

This is a helpful piece from Staci at the “7 On A ShoeString” blog today: How to Unsubscribe from a Magazine Outlet Service.

Magazine Outlet

For a great many consumers, this seems to be a highly challenging task — you’ve gotten a discounted or free trial subscription from a magazine outlet, but when the trial period is over, the full cover rate kicks in. Many subscribers seem to misplace the contact info to the outlet service, or fail to register when the notification postcards come through, and then are chagrined when the full billing kicks in.

Anyway, this helpful piece should make it a little easier for those subscribers who don’t want to continue service after their freebie or discounted period is up.

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  • Lynne

    i need to have the magazine i am subscribed to to quit sending me magazines because i dont want them any more. how do i get them to quit sending them to me? the magazines are People and Star

  • Jo Grafton

    I didn’t subscribe from this magazine, I didn’t even push the button for that. I push what Ellen Dear Generes’s wife did to her then they emailed saying thanks for subscribing. I don’t even read gossip. Take my name off your list!!!

  • Jo Grafton

    We’re going to have a problem because, I don’t want to be subscribed to any gossipping magazine!